Honourary Members

Warren Banks
Jeff Carlisle
Robert Claus
William Dawson
Ray Digby
Harold Dornbierer
Dave Enfield*
Dave Ferguson
Lex Haagen
Bruce Hall
Brent Hodgins
Andrew Hutchins
Richard Lawrie
Brian Lamond
Al Lequesne
Glenn Mackie
Jim Mcgregor
Wayne Mcleod
Lloyd Miskiman
Rick Owens
Walter M Park
Rusty Phillips
Timothy Pley
Ric Raynor
Glen Sanders
Wayne Schitzler
Eric Simmons
George Swanson
John Tapio
Wayne Williams

*Passed away 2018

Retired Chief Officers Committee

The RCOC meets annually at the annual FCABC conference.

The RCOC is looking for Zone Reps for Zones 2 and 4.
Zone 1 is represented by Dave Rogers
Zone 3 is represented by Bob Hickey
Zone 5 is represented by Mike Waite