Welcome to the Virtual Marketplace!
Online June 6 & 7, 2021 (available to the chiefs from May 31 to June 10)
Trades Registration closes April 30.

Not sure about a virtual show? Have a look at this video to take a peek at what is possible

Join us for a Trades Information Session on April 14th. Agenda and meeting invite will be emailed out beforehand.

We are only offering one virtual booth per company at this time. That may change as we move forward and get a better idea of what the platform can offer.

Each booth is only $450 plus GST = $472.50 (GST of $22.50 is included in the price at checkout.)
Each Virtual Booth includes:
COMPANY LOGO - Your company logo appears in the header of your virtual booth.
COMPANY TAGLINE- A brief description of your company.
COMPANY DESCRIPTION - A more detailed description of your company. The description can include:

  • WEBSITE LINKS - Provide more links for attendees to connect directly with your company's websites of choice.
  • VIDEOS - Provide links for more videos from your company to share with attendees.
  • MATERIALS - Upload additional materials such as PDF’s or handouts for attendees to download and/or print.
CONTACT INFO - Provide email, website, Twitter, Youtube video, Facebook, Linkedin and/or Instagram plus add a Calendly link to book meetings.
Full address and phone information can also be included.
LEAD RETRIEVAL - Know when someone is visiting or has visited your virtual booth.
NETWORKING - Have private chats or one-on-one video chats with attendees.
REPRESENTATIVE - Each booth includes ONE representative. You can have up to 20 representatives in a single booth (Extra reps are $25.00 each)
Upload all your information in your own private Portal!

Below is an example of what your booth could look like

The FCABC Logo shown here can be any image, the one shown here is a .gif created in a free program called Canva ( Working down the page, your company name is followed by a brief tagline description and then the tabs on how to contact you. The Book Meeting is done through a free app called Calendly that you can link to your own calendar to show free times. The Dummy User is the representative(s) in your booth that visitors can start a chat with, including a video chat. You can have up to 20 representatives listed ($25 each). The page then has a much more detailed description that can include many things other than text. The page continues down with a promotional video (mp4 format) and concludes with a Youtube video. There is a public exhibitor chat which shows the current chats on the exhibitor pages.

This is what the virtual landing page looks like:

The Thank you to our Sponsors is a looping video showing all the sponsor logos. On the right side of the page is a Public Lobby Chat with 2 tabs, the left tab shows the current chats and the right tab shows who is online. Each page has its own chat box.

This is the Networking page:

Here you can see all the people that are registered and the tag under the name identifies them as an exhibitor, sponsor, delegate, etc. Above the names are two or three tabs, depending on your status. Groups are the networking rooms that have been created by us and Booth is explained below.

When an exhibitor clicks the Booth tab, it shows who has visited Your booth:

It is updated live to you can see when someone enters your booth and even if they leave, their name will remain so you know they were there at some point. This feature is key for your lead generation. Each exhibitor will receive an updated copy of the Members List so you have their contact information if you don't have it already.