Marketplace FAQ

Your questions answered about the Virtual Marketplace!

We know you have questions, and we will do our best to post the answers here. We have extended the trade show for 2021 starting on May 31 and ending on June 10. You do not have to "be in your booth" for the full duration, but we are encouraging trades to participate on Sunday June 6 and Monday June 7, the two formal days of the Marketplace.

1. What do you mean by Virtual Trade Show?
The Trade Show will be hosted on a website platform called Pheedloop. Exhibitors, Delegates and others will be given secure access to the site that will also include education sessions, AGM business and opportunities for networking.
2. How does virtual networking work?
There are several options for networking, from private chats to group chats. A list of all the attendees online is displayed on most pages and you can initaite a chat by clicking on the attendee and writing a text message or join a video call.
Each exhibitor also has a Booth tab on the Networking page that shows every attendee that visited their booth and when they were there - perfect for lead generation!
3. Will we have access to look at our "booth" and "floor plan" before the show?
Absolutely! Each exhibitor will also be able to populate the information in their "booth" from their secure web portal. You will have access within a week of registering, possibly sooner, so you will have lots of time to set up your profiles and your booth. Need help? By all means we can assist you with that.
4. What information do I need to prepare?
You should have various sized logos, a square one for your thumbnail and a banner for the top of your page. If you have a promotional video (mp4) you can upload that, or you can create one, or use a Youtube. We recommend you create a Calendly account (free) to book meetings. You can upload flyers, catalogs and other file types as well as have external links to places on your own website or other websites. The platform is very flexible. (See #10. for the checklist)
5. What will the "floor plan" look like, can we choose our booth like before?
We are not sure how the final floor plan will look. We have some ideas and are hopeful the platform can accomodate them. Booth selection will be up to you as it has in the past, with Sponsors having first choice following the criteria we established in the past.
6. How much does a booth cost?
Booth registration cost is only $450.00 plus GST ($472.50) It includes one representative, and each extra rep is only $25.00
7. Can I buy more than one booth?
Right now we are limiting the registration to one booth per exhibitor until we know more about the platform.
8. What are the Sponsorship opportunities?
The basic levels of Bronze, Silver, Gold, Technology, Titanium, Platinum and Diamond were offered. Sponsorship opportunities are closed for 2021.
9. How do I book meetings from my booth?
If you miss a delegate, you can arrange to book a meeting if you set up a free app called Calendly. If you sync it with your work calendar, it will show your free times to book a 15, 30 or 60 minute meeting. A demonstration video is shown on their website -
10. Is there a checklist I can follow after I register?
Download this checklist to assist you in creating your profile and these instructions to create your booth.
11. What are the timelines?
You will have access to the site to create your profile and booth soon after you register (and payment is received). The actual dates of the show have been extended to almost 2 weeks. The Chiefs will have access to the site starting on Monday, May 31 and may visit your booth anytime. You do NOT have to constantly monitor your booth, but it is a good idea to check it several times so you can keep current with who is looking in on you.
The main event is Sunday June 6 and Monday June 7. Times will be posted that your should monitor your booth activity so you can chat live with the Chiefs and set up meetings. The Chiefs have business afterwards on Tuesday to Thursday so the Marketplace will remain "open" for those days.
12. Does someone need to be in the booth for the entire time slot?
Your booth does not have to be “manned” at all, you have the opportunity to post flyers, brochures and other info in your booth as well as have a booking link for people to book a meeting time with you (using Calendly). The advantage to having someone monitor the booth is the real time contact for those that click on your booth so you can message and video chat with them. You will still know who visited your booth and when so you can reach out to them later. Think of the in-person show where you leave and come back to find a business card on your table – same concept.
13. I carried over my registration from last year, how is that applied?
The choice is yours. You can change your level of sponsorship, up or down, and apply your registration for 2020 to this years sponsorship and/or booth, or you can ask for refund of the full amount or the remaining balance.

Who has registered for the 2021 Marketplace?
As of March 31, the following have registered:
ALG Safety
Associated Fire Safety Group
BC Hydro
Canadian Fallen Firefighters Foundation
Commercial Emergency Equipment
Dave Mitchell and Associates
Dynamic Rescue Systems
Federal Signal
Fire Power Emergency Apparatus & Service
Hub Fire Engines & Equipment
Interior tech
Justice Institute of British Columbia
KGC Fire Rescue
Milwaukee Tool
Orion Fire Distribution
Orketa FDMS
Provident Benefits
Raven RSM
RoadScan Canada Inc
Rocky Mountain Phoenix
Safetek Profire
Scotty Firefighter
Smith Brownlee & Associates