Help File

1. I can't remember my password!
    Click on this link and enter your username (or email address) and the system will send you a new password.

2. I did that and nothing happened.
    Be patient, it can take several minutes.
Check your Junk Mail, it could be there. The email is sent by Wordpress(at)
    If you enter an incorrect username or email, the system will advise you right away.

3. I can't remember my username!
    Your username is usually your first initial and your last name (ie. rraynor)
    unless there are two chiefs with a similar name (ie. jdoe). In that case, email me -

4. I don't have access yet.
    Email and request it. Only Active Members (Chief Officers) have access to this site.
    Associate (Trades) Members and Retired Chief Officers do not have access.

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