Saturna Island Volunteer Fire Department is shopping to replace our aging front line tender sometime in the next year or so. We are a rural island fire department without access to hydrants or quick mutual aid, and as such tender shuttles are a critical part of our operations. We are hoping a department in BC (or further abroad) may be looking to replace an apparatus that is suited to our needs. Our wishlist for a new-to-us tender includes:
- Tandem axle with approximately 3000gal tank
- Automatic transmission
- 31’ or less in length
- PTO pump
- Onboard space for a portable high volume pump
- Onboard space for drop tanks equal in capacity to the truck
- Onboard space for other equipment
- Ideally the vehicle would be less than 20 years old, but we recognize our budget may indicate a vehicle close to or older than 20 years.
If you have any lead on an appropriate apparatus, you can email me at
Chief Peter Clark
Saturna Island Volunteer Fire Department


Saturna Island VFD