WUI2020 May 1-3, 2020 - Penticton, BC

The 2020 WUI Symposium will focus on giving attendees the simulated experience of reporting to a Provincial Wildfire Event and will including checking in with the  BCWS Plans Section, reporting to the Structure Branch Director and receiving Division Assignments – your class information, location, where to assemble and who to report to. 

LEARN what to do in the event you are deployed to support a Provincial Wildfire Event. What to expect, steps to take and your responsibilities once you arrive at the deployment location. Learn about new wildfire mitigation tactics and methodology; integrating with BCWS/OFC professionals and municipal firefighters who are active and current in today’s most effective wildfire suppression and protection techniques.

NETWORK with other firefighters from around the province to share ideas and solutions for future planning and response to WUI events.

EXPLORE new tools, technologies and resources available to help mitigate and respond to WUI and Wildfire challenges.