Responding to the interface - Kamloops, May 2020

Kamloops Fire Rescue is looking to host a two course based on tactics and strategies used by CalFire. This course will be put on by the IAFF. This course would be beneficial training for engine company officers and departments faced with the threat of an interface fire. It deals with tactics and strategies for the first operational period of an interface fire.

The course is two days in length and has both theory and practical aspects. There are 24 seats available for the initial course and 12 seats available for the train the trainer (2 days). These courses are open to both IAFF and non-IAFF Fire Departments. Please see the outline below for the Responding to the Interface Course.

Scheduling for the course is planned for May of 2020, exact dates yet to be determined. 

Fire Departments interested in sending members to attend this course and/or the two day train the trainer to follow immediately after this please contact Assistant Chief Steve Robinson, Kamloops Fire and Rescue at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.