Honourary Members

Warren Banks
Jeff Carlisle
Robert Claus
William Dawson
Ray Digby
Harold Dornbierer
Dave Ferguson
Len Garis
Lex Haagen
Bruce Hall

Brent Hodgins
Andrew Hutchins
Don Jolley
Richard Lawrie
Brian Lamond
Phil Lemire
Al Lequesne
Glenn Mackie
Jim Mcgregor
Wayne Mcleod

Lloyd Miskiman
Rick Owens
Walter M Park
Rusty Phillips
Timothy Pley
Ric Raynor
Glen Sanders
Wayne Schitzler
George Swanson
John Tapio
Wayne Williams


Retired Chief Officers Committee

The RCOC met in Penticton and elected Alan Stebbing as the chair of the RCOC. Thanks 
to Bob Hickey was extended for his years of service as our secretary.

The RCOC meets annually at the annual FCABC conference.

The RCOC is looking for Zone Reps