COVID-19 Situation Reports

Situation Reports are listed below. These updates will come in the form of a situation report and will be numbered and dated for timeline reference.
Click on the links to open the SitRep. A brief description of the contents appears below the link:

Situation Report 27 June 11, 2020
Return to Activity - Public Education

Situation Report 25 May 26, 2020
Return to Activity - Fire Prevention

Situation Report 24 May 15, 2020
FCABC Return to Activity Committee 

Situation Report 22 May 6, 2020
PPE Update
Resumption of Fire Department Activities
BC Wildfire Service
COVID-19 Vehicle Safety Bulletin
COVID-19 Exposure Control Plan (ECP)
Flying and COVID-19 Safety Bulletin

Situation Report 21 April 27, 2020
BCEHS Practice Update - Approach to Pediatric Cardiac Arrest Practice Update
Group lodging/housing for vulnerable populations 
Physical distancing within fire halls

Situation Report 20 April 21, 2020
Click here for a joint communication regarding a change in response protocols, 
reinstating of response to red overdose calls.

Situation Report 19 April 15, 2020
First Responder Mental Health supports
Dupont PPE cleaning recommendations

Situation Report 18 April 11, 2020
Letter to Mayors and Electoral Directors
First Responder testing for COVID-19
Update from EMA Licensing Board

Situation Report 17 April 8, 2020
Bag Valve Mask – In-line Viral Filters
Maintenance of turnout gear due to COVID-19
Office of the Provincial Health Officer resources

Situation Report 16 April 3, 2020
Updated BCAS Dispatch Protocol
Current Dispatch Protocols explaining colour based CRM
BC Fire Training Officers Association Situational Report
Letter from the Fire Commissioner regarding fire and life safety measures in the current pandemic
How to don/doff N95 masks

Situation Report 15 April 2, 2020
Practice Update – First Responders
EMA Licensing Board

Situation Report 14 April 1, 2020
Provincial Health Officer order regarding notifying first responders
PPE Requirements

Situation Report 13 March 31, 2020
BCEHS Updates
Click here to download the March 31 BCEHS COVID-19 update

Situation Report 12 March 31, 2020
BCEHS response protocol changes
Letters to Ministers of Public Safety and Health

Items 10 and 11 were internal requests for information. 

Situation Report 9 March 25, 2020
Iridia Medical’s COVID-19 Support Services
BCEHS Handbook

Situation report 8 March 24, 2020
Paid-on-call/Volunteer Fire Department Training
Life safety systems and inspections
COVID-19 BC Support App and Self-Assessment Tool

Situation report 7 March 22, 2020
BCEHS protocol changes for cardiac arrest

Situation report 6 March 20, 2020
BCEHS protocol changes - BCEHS will no longer be putting a ***WAIT*** on events
Mental health COVID-19 resources for First Responders

Situation report 5 March 19, 2020
Self-isolation for yourself or family member PHO letter to First Responders

Situation report 4 March 17, 2020
A number of resources are attached to this update to be utilized as templates, as information for you to consider for operational purposes or general knowledge

Situation report 3 March 14, 2020 
Parameters for travel and self-isolation for emergency services members

Situation report 2 March 14, 2020
Self Isolation Advice

Situation report 1 March 10, 2020
About coronavirus disease (COVID-19)